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However, she was seduced, as some say, by Proetus, whence arose the quarrel in between them but some say that Zeus had intercourse with her in the shape of a stream of gold which poured by means of the roof into Danae’s lap. When Acrisius afterwards discovered that she had got a youngster Perseus, he would not think that she had been seduced by Zeus, and putting his daughter with the child in a chest, he cast it into the sea. The chest was washed ashore on Seriphus, and Dictys took up the boy and reared him. When Perseus was grown up Polydectes, king of the island of Seriphos, sent him to try the conquest of Medusa, a terrible monster who had laid waste the country. She was as soon as a lovely maiden whose hair was her chief glory, but as she dared to vie in beauty with Athena, the goddess deprived her of her charms and changed her lovely ringlets into hissing serpents. She became a cruel monster of so frightful an aspect that no living issue could behold her with out being turned into stone.

That is why they very first seem in exactly similar circumstances. The very first play of Aeschylus’ Perseus trilogy, The Net-Draggers was a satyr-play which described the arrival of the chest containing Danae and her infant son Perseus on the island of Seriphos. The Net-draggers of the title had been the Satyrs who fished the chest to shore. William Kentridge is an artist who lives and works in Johannesburg. He is the author of Six Drawing Lessons, primarily based on his 2012 Charles Eliot Norton Lectures.

These stories legitimized the Turkish colonies as Greek areas with ties to the gods and myths. His son Merros, who was not pointed out in Greek mythology, carried on his father’s legacy in Asia. He burned Medusa’s head, destroying it forever so it could never ever kill another man. Characters like Perseus have been not just heroes in Greek mythology.

9 months went by and Danae gave birth to little child Perseus. The guards reported to the king they heard the cries of an infant coming from inside the walls of the tower. The king had to hear it for himself and went to his daughter’s tower. King Acrisius certainly heard the cries of an infant, and ordered the tower opened so he could see his daughter. When the tower was open the king saw his daughter Danae feeding a tiny child. Danae told her father how Zeus would go to her as light through her window.

Bronze Head of Medusa Carole Raddato (CC BY-SA)Medusa is a figure from Greek mythology, the only mortal of the three Gorgons, along with her immortal sisters, Stheno and Euryale. The three Gorgons have been born to the sea god of the dangers of the hidden deep, Phorcys, and the goddess of sea monsters and the dangers of the sea, Ceto. Due to the fact the days of early Western civilization, when myths had been forged in fire and stone, society has been fascinated with the ancient Greek imagination. Tales of gods, Titans, and giants fill children’s fairy tales, though a wide variety of mythological monsters have captivated viewers on the major screen. No female character, nonetheless, is perhaps as popular as Medusa, the monster who could turn men to stone with a single glance.

Perseus appears to Athena and away from Medusa to stay clear of turning into stone. Working with Hades’ helmet of invisibility, Perseus snatched away Medusa’s severed head and escaped. Though find more Pegasus was born from the blood of Medusa soon after she was slain by Perseus, Perseus himself did not ride Pegasus.

 He could not let this take place so he locked her in an underground tower created of bronze with part of the roof open to the sky so that she would in no way marry or have young children  Having said that, gold fell from the sky and Zeus arrived. Despite the fact that Perseus is the hero of the story, he doesn’t act extremely heroic. Initial of all, though he does kill Medusa, truly the goddess Athena tells him how to do it. And when he gets into a fight with Atlas, and begins losing, he cheats — he whips out the head of Medusa and turns Atlas to stone. In reality, Perseus comes across as a sort of bully — a person who gets his own way by relying on stronger close friends to help him, and by cheating.

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“O King Polydectes, I have returned with the wedding gift you requested. ” With his head averted, he exposed the king and his friends to Medusa’s head and they all turned to stone. It was then that he noticed the huge crowd on the shore, exactly where a faint wailing could be heard, just about drowned out by the din of the waves. Feeling a rising fury that such a virtuous maiden really should be sacrificed to a sea monster, he rushed to the shore. Out of her bleeding neck – amid loud neighs and flapping noises – emerged a massive white, winged horse. He moved decisively, and with a backward swing, he swiftly brought the adamantine sword across Medusa’s neck.

Afterward, Perseus is dispatched on a mission to carry Medusa’s head to King Polydectes. Perseus sneaks up on Medusa although she is asleep, decapitates, and then employs it as a device to turn foes into stone, armed with a reflective shield, flying footwear, and a unique pouch for her head. Medusa was a devotee of the virgin deity of expertise and warfare, Athena. 1 prerequisite for becoming an Athenian priestess is that the youthful girl is pure and chaste and dedicates her life to the goddess. Poseidon, the sea god, and Athena’s adversary noticed Medusa 1 day and planned to disgrace Athena by sexually assaulting the young lady on the stairs of the Athenian sanctuary. Poseidon then departed, leaving Medusa helpless and feeble.

The king was prophesied in an oracle saying that a grandson would steal his throne and life. When the daughter was of marriageable age, he had her locked in a tower that was only accessible from above. The original prophecy was fulfilled, nonetheless, when Perseus accidentally killed Acrisius with a stray discus throughout some athletic games. When Danae’ s father Acrisius found the child, he angrily threw them both out to sea in a wooden chest, but they swam ashore on the island of Serifos, where they had been taken in by the king of Serifos named Dictys.

Employing Medusa’s head one particular last time, he transformed the dishonorable ruler and his allies to stone and placed Dictys to the throne. He later returned the sandals and cap to Hermes and turned the head of Medusa more than to Athena. Andromeda came to join him and they had many sons and heirs.